Think first

Our “HSE-philosophy” is based on the premise that every accident can be avoided.

This can be achieved by focussing on delivering all of our services in compliance with our health, safety and environmental standards.

Therefore we see integrity as key and we aim for non-stop ‘safety thinking’ throughout our entire organisation.

Our training places strong emphasis on this philosophy. Safety always has the first priority in our team.

Our workforce comprises an international team, focussed on maintaining a reflective attitude to act safe, by thinking: ”Think First!”

Emergency numbers

In case of serious injury or accident, call emergency assistance.

Speak calmly and provide information in the following order:

1. Address and municipality
2. Your name and the number you are calling from
3. Explain the situation

HSEQ notifications

All notifications of serious accidents and incidents shall be reported to the main office. The following roles are subject to readiness:

General Manager 
Resource Manager 

Emergency numbers

Labour Department 

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