We make you safer

Karmsund Certification provide

A one-stop-shop for oil and gas producers, maritime businesses and all vessels managers for inspections and certification of lifting appliance, lifeboats and cranes

Local operation with global reach
Fleet and frame agreements
24/7 emergency service with rapid response
ILO and IMO regulation compliant


CRALOG authorized service provider for lifeboats, davits, lifesaving appliances.
Approved by following administration (Flag States), as Authorized Company for Lifting Appliances

Danish Maritime Authority, as A for shipboard cranes on vessels
Norwegian Maritime Authority, as A-1, B-1 for offshore cranes on MODU and vessels
Norwegian Maritime Authority as A,B for Shipboard cranes on vessels.

Non-Destructive Testing of steel ropes using a Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) method with certificate of competence in NDT according to PN-EN ISO 9712


Inspection, Third-Party Verification, and Certification
Non-Destructive Testing of steel ropes using a Magnetic Rope Testing (MRT) method.
We complete initial condition surveys, evaluation of equipment, condition rating, and periodic inspection to ensure the availability of a large range of equipment.
Lifting Equipment Services and Maintenance on various equipment
Equipment rental – 100t load-cell etc.
Third-party verification of the design, calculations, and procedures.
Initial, annual, 6month, five-year inspection & certification of lifting equipment,
Annual & 6 month (LOLER) lifting gear inspections.
Initial, annual, five yearly multi-brand certification & Inspections on lars’ system, winches, deck & offshore cranes
Initial, annual and five yearly multi-brand inspections of LSA equipment
In house equipment and certified NDT engineers for Non-destructive testing & inspection of Wire Rope Application
Wire rope lubrication
Visual wire inspection
Annual and five yearly Inspections for accommodation ladder and gangway