About Karmsund Group

Karmsund Group is the parent company for the various companies marking up Karmsund Group. Since its inception in 1946, we are located at Torvastad, in the North of Rogaland, centrally located to Karmsundet.

Karmsund Servicebase operates approximately 110 acre industrial property on Torvastad. With its unique location, centrally located by Karmsundet, Karmsund Servicebase is a future-oriented service base for petro/marine and green industry.

Karmsund Contracting is our manning company and has since 1981 been involved in provision of personnel to the oil and gas industry.

Marine Aluminium Aanensen & Co. has since the 1950s supplied ship windows and vents for ships and on / offshore installations, as well as fire and explosion windows to the process industry. In addition to the supply ship windows , we supply spare glass in all sizes and formats.

Our real estate companies in Estonia owns and operates approximately 40.000m2 industrial, commercial and business premises in central Tallinn, Tartu and Parnu.

logo_footer_Achile_JQSAT YOUR SERVICE 24 hour duty phone +47 90109155Karmsund Servicebase, Storasundvegen 89, N-4260 TORVASTAD, NORWAY post@karmsundgroup.no